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Movement Alerts in Slack with Conectric's Motion Sensor & IoT Gateway for Node.js

At Conectric we recently launched our new IoT Gateway product with an accompanying suite of wireless, battery powered sensors. In this article we’ll take a closer look at how to use o...

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Announcing Conectric's USB IoT Gateway & Sensor Product

Here at Conectric we’re excited to announce the launch of our new IoT Gateway product with accompanying suite of sensors.

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A Look at Server Sent Events

Server Sent Events are a standard allowing browser clients to receive a stream of updates from a server over a HTTP connection without resorting to polling. Unlike WebSockets, Server ...

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Playing with Raspberry Pi: Door Sensor Fun

I recently noticed that Adafruit sells low cost ($3.95) wired door sensors that basically act as a switch — if the magnet from one part of the sensor is placed in close proximity to t...

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Playing with Raspberry Pi: Traffic Lights with a Finite State Machine

This is the third of our articles in a series where we’re playing with the Low Voltage Labs LED Traffic Lights using Python on the Raspberry Pi. In the first article, we set up a basi...

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Playing with Raspberry Pi and Python: Traffic lights, Part 2

In a previous post in this series, we looked at writing Python code to control a set of Low Voltage Labs Traffic Light LEDs for the Raspberry Pi. If you haven’t read that article yet,...

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Playing with Raspberry Pi and Python: Traffic lights

I’ve recently been doing some simple Python programming with the Raspberry Pi and a set of traffic light LEDs that connect to it. In this post I’ll look at setting up a Pi to drive th...

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Promoting New Blog Entries with AWS Lambda and Slack

At my former employer Modus Create, we were avid users of Slack as a team collaboration tool and had been working on ways to use it more as we go about our daily business. We also mai...

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Writing a Cordova Plugin in Swift 3 for iOS

Since the App Store first opened in 2008, developers wishing to build iOS apps have been required to learn Objective-C. This includes those choosing the hybrid model with Apache Cordo...

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Placing Markers Inside Google Maps

While working with Google Maps recently, our team needed to be able to drop map markers inside various different types of shapes drawn on the map. This is simple for circles and recta...

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