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Things on Thursdays: A Live Streaming Series

Simon Prickett Simon Prickett 2 mins read
Things on Thursdays: A Live Streaming Series

As part of my job as the Principal Developer Advocate at Redis, I’ve been producing a live stream series in which I take a look at how Redis or related concepts can be used with a variety of Internet of Things devices. These streams go out most weeks on Thursdays on the Redis YouTube and Twitch channels – check out our team’s schedule for links to future events.

So far, I’ve mostly focussed on work with the Raspberry Pi family of devices as that’s what I have on hand. I’ve been working on different projects across multiple streams and wanted to bring them all together in one place here so that you can follow along. I’ve tried to describe each project and link to the source code I produced where relevant. I’ve been coding in Python, MicroPython (for the Raspberry Pi Pico) and Node.js.

This is an ongoing work in progress, so please check back here for updates! I’m also always interested in ideas for topics to cover - if I have or can get hold of the hardware, I’ll certainly try out your suggestions. Get in touch with me if you want to share ideas, or even appear as a guest to work on something together. My only real criteria are that we should be using Redis or talking about data structures that Redis implements.

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Here’s the videos and links to the relevant GitHub repositories and articles. Enjoy!

Projects in this Series

Here’s all the projects in this series so far - I’ve given each one its own page on this site, some projects took place over several weeks and have multiple video episodes. You’ll find them all embedded in each project’s page.

What’s Next?

This is an ongoing series of projects, don’t forget to check out the Redis Developer Relations streaming schedule to see when the next episode will be. I’ll update this page shortly after each episode airs, and make sure that each new project gets its own page as we go along.

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