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Cheerlights with MQTT and Redis Streams

Simon Prickett Simon Prickett 1 min read
Cheerlights with MQTT and Redis Streams

CheerLights is a global network of synchronised lights that can be controlled by anyone. Tweeting a colour to the CheerLights Twitter account and talking to a bot on its Discord server are a couple of examples of ways that anyone can change the colour of all CheerLights installations globally to one of the several supported colours.

I decided to write my own small CheerLights display using the Pimoroni Unicorn Hat LED matrix connected to a Raspberry Pi. CheerLights provides different methods to get the latest colour information - I chose to use their MQTT server and store colour history in a Redis Stream.

Screenshot from my live stream showing the Cheerlights project working
Cheerlights via MQTT and Redis Streams displaying on a Pimoroni Unicorn Hat.

This was the third project in my Things on Thursdays IoT live streaming series.

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In this project, I showed how to show and track the current CheerLights colour on a Pimoroni Unicorn Hat connected to a Raspberry Pi. I subscribed to a topic on the CheerLights MQTT server, put the latest colour into a Redis Stream and consumed it on the Pi. The code is all in Python.

Main photograph by Tony Hisgett on Wikimedia Commons.

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