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Hotel Room Service with Node RED and Redis on the Raspberry Pi

Simon Prickett Simon Prickett 1 min read
Hotel Room Service with Node RED and Redis on the Raspberry Pi

Node-RED is a low code graphical programming environment, often used to describe event driven IoT systems. In this project, I show how to build a flow that uses Redis Pub/Sub to model requests for room service at a hotel. The code is in JavaScript.

Screenshot from my live stream showing the Node RED project flow
The Node RED flow as seen on the live stream videos.

This was the sixth project in my Things on Thursdays IoT live streaming series.

In the first episode, I got the basic flow up and running…

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In the second video, I show Node-RED running on a Raspberry Pi, move my Redis instance to the cloud, move connection secrets out of the Node-RED flow into an environment variable and attach an illuminated arcade button to the flow. The code is in JavaScript.

I also completed a small Node-RED project a while back, demonstrating how to operate traffic light lights connected to the GPIO pins of a Raspberry Pi. If you’re interested in that, check out the article here.

Main photograph by Cottonbro Studio on Pexels.

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