Making a Bus Stop API with Cloudflare Workers

Public transport services can be great sources of live or near-live data to use when building out an application or trying some new front end technology. For years my usual go to API...

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Building a Visual Bloom Filter with Raspberry Pi, Python and Unicorn Hat

Bloom filters are a probabilistic data structure that I’ve wanted to learn more about for a while. When I started reading up on them, I found a lot of the material to be quite dry an...

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Building a Task Tracker with Arduino and LED Arcade Buttons

Sorta like Simone’s, but smaller! One of my favorite Youtube channels is Simone Giertz’s — she documents her attempts to build robotic helpers to assist with everyday tasks. Part of t...

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Building a Smart Card Transit Ticketing System with Redis and Raspberry Pi

Recently I was looking for an excuse to try out the hosted Redis database service from Redis Labs. I co-incidentally found out that Monk Makes produce a smart card kit for the Raspber...

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A Look at Server Sent Events

Server Sent Events are a standard allowing browser clients to receive a stream of updates from a server over a HTTP connection without resorting to polling. Unlike WebSockets, Server ...

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Synchronised Counting with Redis and a Seven Segment Display

Counting things seems relatively easy, until it isn’t! In this project, I used Redis to maintain a central count that was displayed on and could be updated from a range of different ...

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