Building a Smart Card Transit Ticketing System with Redis and Raspberry Pi

Recently I was looking for an excuse to try out the hosted Redis database service from Redis Labs. I co-incidentally found out that Monk Makes produce a smart card kit for the Raspber...

In Python, Redis, IoT, Raspberry Pi, Node.js, Dec 15, 2018

You Can Now Write Google Cloud Functions with Node.js 8

In my previous article looking at environment variables with Google Cloud Functions I noted that one of the downsides of using them is the relatively old Node.js 6 runtime that Google...

In Cloud, GCP, Node.js, JavaScript, Serverless, Jul 24, 2018

Visualizing Room Climate Data with Conectric’s IoT Sensors, Elasticsearch & Grafana

At Conectric we recently launched our new IoT Gateway product with an accompanying suite of wireless, battery powered sensors. In this article we’ll take a closer look at how to use ...

In Grafana, Node.js, JavaScript, IoT, Elasticsearch, Mar 15, 2018

A Look at Server Sent Events

Server Sent Events are a standard allowing browser clients to receive a stream of updates from a server over a HTTP connection without resorting to polling. Unlike WebSockets, Server ...

In JavaScript, Node.js, HTML5, Front End, Jan 24, 2018

Playing with Raspberry Pi: Door Sensor Fun

I recently noticed that Adafruit sells low cost ($3.95) wired door sensors that basically act as a switch — if the magnet from one part of the sensor is placed in close proximity to t...

In Raspberry Pi, Technology, IoT, Python, Jul 08, 2017


Building a Task Tracker with Arduino and LED Arcade Buttons

Sorta like Simone’s, but smaller! One of my favorite Youtube channels is Simone Giertz’s — she documents her attempts to build robotic helpers to assist with everyday tasks. Part of t...

In Arduino, IoT, Programming, C, Dec 31, 2018