Wifi Setup with the Raspberry Pi Pico W

One of the problems associated with making and distributing IoT devices to consumers is dealing with having the consumer connect the device to their own wifi network when they first r...

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Synchronised Counting with Redis and a Seven Segment Display

Counting things seems relatively easy, until it isn’t! In this project, I used Redis to maintain a central count that was displayed on and could be updated from a range of different ...

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Making a Bus Stop API with Cloudflare Workers

Public transport services can be great sources of live or near-live data to use when building out an application or trying some new front end technology. For years my usual go to API...

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Building a Task Tracker with Arduino and LED Arcade Buttons

Sorta like Simone’s, but smaller! One of my favorite Youtube channels is Simone Giertz’s — she documents her attempts to build robotic helpers to assist with everyday tasks. Part of t...

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A Look at Server Sent Events

Server Sent Events are a standard allowing browser clients to receive a stream of updates from a server over a HTTP connection without resorting to polling. Unlike WebSockets, Server ...

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Environment Monitoring with Redis Streams, Raspberry Pi Pico W and MicroPython

The Raspberry Pi Pico W is an extremely capable microcontroller device from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The W variant has on board support for wifi networking. This and the ability...

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